Q. WHat is HIve?

A. Hive Medicinal is a Husband and Wife team of Caregivers who have been fortunate enough to be able to hire their best friends to work with them. Creating a very positive dynamic in the garden. Hive provides cannabis to Maine Medical Marijuana patients from all ends of the health spectrum.


Q. Where can i buy hive?

A. Currently we are operating by delivery only, so feel free to contact us for that option. We are in the process of building out an amazing retail experience for our patients. We expect to launch January 1st 2019. Retail location is in Chelsea Maine, 500ft from the Augusta line. We are partnering with ShopChronic to create a well rounded experience.


Q. Do I need a medical card?

A. To Purchase, yes. To look, or ask questions you only need to be 21 years old. Hopefully soon enough we will be able to progress into the recreational market as well.


Q. Are your products safe?

A. Absolutely. We put our heart and soul into these products. Everything is single sourced, and never ever sprayed with pesticides. We use local testing facilities to test our products as well. This adds a level of protection from a third party we can both trust.


Q. you dont get your products from california, do you?

A. Again, single sourced, we never take clones, or products from any other growers period. It all happens here, at Hive.


Q. What happened to kennebec healing?

A. We are still Kennebec Healing. The same people that served you under that name for 7 years! However, as the industry changes, so does our vision. Hive Medicinal brings a more well rounded brand, that is not solely focused on Kennebec County, although we love Kennebec County, the future brings endless possibilities for Hive Medicinal.