Hive Medicinal

Dedicated to the cultivation and distribution of the Cannabis Plant.



Welcome to Hive!

Our Mission is simple. Provide clean, quality cannabis to the Kennebec County area. However, when you look closer, it is much more than that. We have a commitment to serving our veterans, a commitment to the local homeless, and a commitment to working with other brands who feel the same way.

Please, take a look around, TAKE YOUR TIME. We have spent over 10 years putting together the experience you live here today.



Our Goals over the next 5 years, Something for us to strive towards, and something for you to look forward to!



Create a place where Veterans “belong”.

Being Veterans ourselves, we know how important this is. We will start by giving you 20% off at our store, and Shop Chronic.


Build a state of the art grow facility.

We love where we grow! However we will out grow the space, and we cannot wait to show you what we have in store for the recreational market.


Form a relationship with our community.

Community is huge in places like Maine. Thats why we pledge to give back to the Kennebec County area! Stay tuned to watch it bloom.


Become more efficient.

Being efficient is not just about saving money, but resources, and the planet too! This is why we want to become more efficient and depend on the planet less in the coming years.


“Creative adaptability is the key to successful cultivation.”

Aaron Baird  | Lead Cultivator



The Beginning

After Being discharged from the ARMY in 2009 we came home to a changing Maine. Ravaged with opioid abuse, and cancer. Not to mention our own Chronic pain issues, we needed to find a way out. That November, the medical program progressed, allowing registered caregivers. Already being medical patients, and growing our own, it seemed like a no brainer to start serving the patients of Maine. Kennebec Healing was born. As a Husband and wife team we started cultivating cannabis for good. We traveled to Amsterdam, Denver, and LA to find our strains we would go on to make locally popular.

The Expansion

After 5 years of learning the cultivation ropes, we had gained enough experience, and capital to expand from a 3000 Sqft facility, to an 8500 Sqft facility. This was a huge step for us, and meant a lot more work. We have been up for the task ever since. With a larger space, came more responsibility, and more patient relationships. It is a delicate balance keeping everything in line from seed to sale, but we are proud to be managing very well and looking forward to what is next.

The Future

Now that we have created this one of a kind experience for you, the next phase of our goals is the cultivation facility. We are planning a large scale build on our Chelsea property. This will house our cultivation facility, Hash Lab, and other offices.


Ready to help?